Celebrating Blackout Tuesday


I’m about to write something, and many people aren’t going to like it, I can’t breath. I can’t breath for the wall-to-wall race baiting that’s going on in the culture today, I can’t breath for the absurd chain mail telling me if I don’t “speak up” in favour of looters and rioting I’m part of the problem. If this recent controversy has shown me anything, it’s shown me that the left never miss an opportunity to stand on the yet unspecified grave of a deceased man to push out their intensely stupid, demonstrably false message.


In case you’ve missed it a tragic death occurred when a man named George Floyd died while in police custody. Having underlying health issues, being restrained by police and being intoxicated at the time appears to have led to their heart stopping. That’s reality. Sadly reality doesn’t have a lot of say these days, and the media, celebrities and race ghouls everywhere have quickly gone into overdrive to paint this sad loss of life as RACISM.


That’s right, RACISM. Only caps can do justice to the RACISM that’s obviously occurred here, never mind that George Floyd was intoxicated, never mind the man was trying to pay for smokes with fake bills, never mind that he had health problems to begin with, the media and looters currently stealing your TV are assuring me that this was all secret systematic racism in the hearts of men.


What’s racism you ask? It’s negatively prejudging someone for the colour of their skin, just like people are prejudging this police officer as a racist because of the colour of his skin, pure genius. These people are angry not because a fellow human being was treated horribly (and he certainly was), and as a result ended up losing his life, they’re angry because a black man was treated horribly by a light skinned man. That’s their bug bear and they’re sticking to it.


Put two black men in the situation and nobody would care, put two white men in the situation and even less people would care, but because there’s difference skins involved there’s an opportunity to promote hatred, to incite race hatred, and that is pure racism. The people looting, hash tagging and bowing out of their use of the internet for a single day don’t care about George Floyd, they’re users, and any dead black man will do. I’ve shared this many times in person, I’m a white Irishman, born of Irish parents, living amidst the English and baptised into Christ by a black Kenyan, worshipping the Jew Jesus Christ (who’s neither black nor white.)


That’s inclusion, that’s what acceptance looks like, it’s the furthest thing from what is being produced by the right fighters of the left. This may come as a shock to many, but the least racist people in the UK are white conservative people, they don’t have any hang ups to do with anybody, but you know who are racist? People who watch an arrest and immediately jump on race, not on the crime, not on the immediate situation, but on race. How do we determine whether or not something is racist?


Men are arrested at a higher rate than women, and for more violent crimes overall, is that sexism, or is it just that men tend to be more aggressive at the higher ends of the aggression divide. I’m not arguing it’s anyone’s fault, but rather I’m saying that the reasons are deeper than the first tired political pony people cart out. The same is true for people being arrested, or charged, or anything else you can name. How do you know when something is racism? Maybe an intense interest in pottery, hunting or playing duck duck goose, no, that’s silly, a couple of N bombs dropped would be handy, right?


If you assume something is racist just because of the skins involved, you are a racist, that’s grime reality. These people have to assume racism everywhere, because it’s not there in the plain light of day, it’s not explicit. Instead the people contributing to this awful aftermath have to name call and smear people while having zero proof of the things they assert, sounds like the left all over. The autopsy of George found no signs of strangulation, so how do the family reply? By having their own tests done, by calling results they dislike “an illusion.”


At the same time, I can almost ignore that, we could simply say it’s grief talking, “an illusion” sounds absurd, it sounds like people looking to drag out their own misfortune, but they are hurting, it’s to be expected. There’s no excuse for the average looter on the street not to accept those results though, but then he would have to stop looting, and where’s the fun in that. That’s what this is really all about to people, fun, throwing a brick, feeling important, looking down on others who won’t join in with the disgrace, a disgrace played out by cowards on and offline.


Who reading this is in favour of killing a man without trial or jury in the middle of the street by strangling? Nobody, no sane person. So what are people rioting over, racism? But nobody can show the arresting officer is racist. Societal racism? Where is it, show me one park where black men can’t drink from the water fountain, or one bus where they’re forced to sit at the back.


I can show you laws that screw over men, I can show you Muslim nations where it’s illegal to be Christian or where 50% of the female population are married off before the age of 15. Those are real issues. Either show people the discernible racism in our law courts, shops and nation (so it can be stopped,) or do everybody a favour and stop creating race hatred in yourself and easily misled people.


Maybe these protesters call cops disgusting names because they’re angry, bitter and it’s easier to blame somebody else than to get your own life in order. Slandering a police officer as a racist (with zero proof) and grabbing yourself some new trainers is way easier than doing the hard work of getting a job, reading a book, or talking to the men you dislike. Doing these things under a false cloak of “justice” is a disgrace, “justice” achieved (they assume) by breaking the law, racism (they assume) beaten by being racists, “caring” by cheap hashtags and threatening your contacts to follow your wicked example.


Epic levels of arrogance and double speak. Nobody could whip up a riot based on the true story, but anyone could start one based on RACISM. So, in honour of blackout Tuesday, we should all post an article, share a meal with our families, and remember to pat ourselves on the back, because for everything bad you’ve done, you’re not standing on anybody’s grave to push some fake ass news, and that’s the whole truth.


― Tyrone Cormack