About the author


On the Author's Religion: “The Buddhist Christian, on LSD.” - Allallt (Unbeliever & Europhile).


On the Author's Inclusivism: “I will no longer pander to your Anti-Semitic, Islamophobic trolling, which seems intended to inflame rather than persuade.” - DJW001 (Lefty & Tinfoil enthusiast).

On the Author's Graphics: “it grieves me to see Porn publicly shown on a Christian Blog.” - Anne (Schismist & Anti-porn activist).


On the Author's specialness: “You aren’t special, and your need to pretend that anyone who doesn’t agree with you are unhappy, lonely, angry, etc is pitiful.” - Vel (Content non-Christian, loving, loved, aspiring literate).

On the Author's racist Global Agenda: “you people have an agenda of keeping the dark races fooled with the fake Jesus, while you maintain global domination free from uprising. Good job so far indeed!” - Prof. Robert Stewart (Dr. Strangelove & Nation of Islam Member).

On the Author's Pithiness: “My goodness, Oldschool, I’ll give you credit for producing a wall of text utterly unrelated to the subject at hand.” - John Zande (Stephen Fry's Best Friend Forever).

On the Author's Debates: “While Zande just comes off as desperate, as oldschool toys with him as a cat with a ball of yarn.” - xPraetorius