Did God "win" at the cross?


hype_plyr: God loves all people the same and sent His only begotten Son to die for anyone that accepts His offering. I guess God set up His own unhappiness. I can just picture Jesus bleeding out on the cross begging fallen man to come Him like a beggar in the street. I guess God loved pharaoh the same as He loved Moses. Well God, I guess you can’t win them all. I guess the Bible is really and truly a man based theology and not a God based theology.


cormackytyrone: 1 Timothy 4:10 says that's what He did. The thing is God did "win them all," that's the point of the extent of the atonement being for all, while faith means that the benefits of the blood of Christ are applied to the believer. Jesus really did "win them all" when He made a show of His greatness by making a way for them all. Under Calvinism God didn't win them all, he won the elect and bought only the elect.


Then in Calvinism he "passed over" or "passed by" everyone else. But the pass over in Jewish thought was a good thing, he who got passed over got spared, not damned. While the famous passer by in the Samaritan parable was a coward not willing to save the dying, God is willing on the other hand. Is God a coward under Calvinism who can't take his boohoo feelings being hurt?

― Tyrone Cormack