Marvel Not
(Martin Luther
King's religion)


Moreen: In reading your remarks and the others it makes me sad the tone and content. You and others are wrong about Rev King. He loved the LORD and was driven to honor Him in standing for what was right based on GOD’s LAW.


What Black people have suffered at the hands of people claiming to be ‘Christians’ is so against GOD and the people He loved. Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr. loved the LORD and believed in Him and what He did regarding His Salvation in the Blood of the Lamb, Himself the Messiah Yeshua/Jesus. Rev King did believed in the Virgin Birth of the Messiah and Rev King knew all GOD did He did for the Black man too. GOD hates Prejudice beliefs and behaviors.


GOD is not a respector of ‘persons’❣️ Sadly like those that claimed to love the LORD and hate Black people or think better of themselves reminds me of the grievous hate of Hitler and his followers. Hitler was not a Christian! Nor is anyone holding such hate in their hearts. It is good to remember Rev King and his legacy. That we may Never Forget❣️



“At the age of 13 I shocked my Sunday School class by denying the bodily resurrection of Jesus. From the age of thirteen on doubts began to spring forth unrelentingly. At the age of fifteen I entered college and more and more could I see a gap between what I had learned in Sunday School and what I was learning in college. This conflict continued until I studied a course in Bible in which I came to see that behind the legends and myths of the Book were many profound truths which one could not escape.”


Martin Luther King Jr's “An Autobiography of Religious Development.” Hopefully later in life Dr. King distanced himself from these beliefs (e.g. “legends and myths”), although I haven't read anything to point me in that direction. I'm sure Dr. King was a very cordial and gracious person, he got a lot right and by the looks of things he got a lot wrong.


Thank God he sounded like a strong advocate for Israel despite a sea of hatred that seems to follow the Jewish people around. Still, from my reading he didn't believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. He also doubted many other Christian beliefs like the preservation of scripture. I can't see Natasha's comment, but hopefully whatever is being shared is civil and good intentioned at least for the sake of the body.

Moreen: Dear Ty. I can not find Natasha’s post anymore either. I stand by what I wrote earlier and I’m sadden to see that at thirteen you decided to deny GOD’s Provision to be right with Him found in the Blood of the Lamb. I’m sorry you have taken this path. At 13 years of age I trusted Messiah Jesus, the Christ-the SON on a sidewalk of all places. I bless the memory of that moment in time to this day. It is clear you and I do not agree about Dr King. It is clear we don’t agree regarding the most important ‘Book’ the Holy Bible and that is a sad state of affairs.


I pray you will ask GOD to show you. He knows your heart. If you would ask, you will find Him❣️ You are educated and have read a ton of books. You owe it to yourself to read the whole Bible from beginning to end. Genesis to Revelation. Systematically Beginning to end. YHWH is Beginning and End. First and Last. Jeremiah 31:31-34. The Everlasting Covenant is in the Blood❤️. You will see is you will ask GOD to show you. The blood of the old covenant for Relationship with the Father is fulfilled in the Lamb of GOD, Yeshua /Jesus THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS ❣️. It is all about the blood. Leviticus 17:11


Dear Ty. The Bible is true. There is no other ‘book’ like the Bible. It is a living Book❤️. It is all about the The dear LORD again from beginning to end. His outstretched Arm. Ask GOD to remove your heart of stone. ‘Test’ Him❤️ For it is a matter of Life and  Death.

TC: Thank you for the gentle encouragement, but if you read my first message carefully you'll see those are the words of Dr. King, not my words. Rejecting the Bible was King's story, not my own. In his essays “An Autobiography of Religious Development” and “The humanity and the divinity of Jesus” he appeared to reject the entire Christian faith. If you reread that first message I'm sure you'll see my views more clearly, God bless.

Moreen: Dear Ty. I wrote a long reply and it did not transmit so this is the short version. #1 I missed the quote marks and I’m sorry. It just did not register as something Dr King would say. #2 I found the site with everything. What I see is he wrote paper age 21 as a college student. He shares how his family life experiences and external experiences shaped his religious development.


At 21 he had a wonderful father and mother and family. He experienced some losses at tender ages and one being profound as it caused his sweet heart of 6 years old to carry such a heavy burden such as prejudice thrust upon him. It was very painful. He battled the ‘anti white’ feelings for some years. SEGREGATION was the way of life. Dr King over cane as a result of relationships later in life and result of his faith. If you spend any time on this site and go over the Chronological events of the King family you will be in awe.


I believe Rev Dr King Jr as did his father believed in all the ‘profound Truths’ of the Holy Scriptures. The paper was one of what would become thousands. He was 21. He grew not only in his faith but as a great man. He served and did all as unto the LORD. For His sake and the sake of those He loves. Think of what he accomplished in his short life for the LORD and mankind in the face of adversity. 21 to 39. Think of the sermons. The people that came into GOD’s Kingdom that Both he and his Dad was privileged to see. Yes, Amazing Grace and the Kings. I for one am grateful for the King family and hope you are too❣️Blessings to you and yours too.

TC: mmhmm, but did he ever distance himself from those papers? For the sake of concerned Christians who want to represent the late Dr. King correctly, and not put to his name things which he did not believe, this is an important topic. God bless King for everything he did to help lessen race hatred. Still, I can't see King's views being anything other than against the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. In another paper Dr. King wrote he believed that Jesus' divinity should be rejected. He denied Jesus is Lord.

I do hope that later in life his feelings changed. I hope he heard something or met someone who told him Jesus is alive right now, He's a very real saviour. But I haven't seen anything like that. As of today, or so it seems, those papers are Dr. Kings thoughts on the subject.

Moreen: "Ty" What we both agree and pray that in his later years as he spent time in GOD's Word he saw the Blood of the Lamb and how GOD was only pleased therein. We can pray that he truly came to faith in the Messiah Jesus and understood the Prophets of old pointing to the Savior fulfilled in Yeshua/Jesus. Before Dr Brown's post I find you could put what I knew of this great man in a thimble.. In the papers I read all were while Rev Dr King Jr was in Seminary age 21-25ish...

It appeared he was an early "emergent" and sadly we know what that "thought" in GOD's Body has done. His pain as a young child growing up in Segregation impacted his faith in a negative was and yet he used his "faith" for the good of "mankind"... One striking thing about Dr King Jr's papers in Seminary is Martin never refers to Scripture. Not once did I see reference to the Bible... Now he wrote many sermons and speeches from 25-39 and I can only hope and pray he actually got into the Scriptures. GOD tells we are without excuse not to believe He is all we have to do is look at His Creation. It seemed that was what Martin took comfort in and hewrote: "O That I Knew Where I Might Find Him!"

King argues in this handwritten sermon that seeking God is difficult due to the "cruelties of nature, "the "ambiguities of history, "and the prevalence of modern scientific achievement. Despite these challenges to knowing God, King maintains, "In Jesus we have the clearest picture of what God is like. "Referring to his "recent Seminary days," he reminisces, “Every day I would sit the edge of the campus by the side of the river and watch the beauties of nature. My friends in this experience I saw God."

This was written when Martin was a young man and searching and finding healing I pray from the pain of Segregation. I believe what GOD tells us, "faith comes by hearing, Hearing the Word of GOD and when Martin open the Bible then he would see the Face of GOD and see only GOD could save us, only He would "provide Himself a Lamb" I pray Martin read Isaiah 52:13-53:12, Genesis 3:15, Genesis 22:8, Jeremiah 31:31-34, Psalm 14:2, 3 , Leviticus 17:11, Exodus 12:49 The LAW of the Blood. Isaiah 7:14, Romans 10:8-13 I pray he did believe in the Virgin Birth, That he believed John 1:1-5, Genesis 1:1-5, John 1:14, John 1:18, on and on. I pray the Dear LORD "caused" Martin to turn to Him and surrender believing unto Him-

TC: I agree there's a lot of people who are deeply passionate about Martin Luther King while only knowing a thimble's worth about him, which is why Christians being able to share what he believed about Jesus becomes so crucial. We're meant to pray for everyone in hopes they're convicted and changed, being brought into right relationship with the Lord.


Still, none of our hopes mean that Dr. King actually believed. “as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name” Our joy that Martin received Him could be made complete if he wrote something in his sermons about God's literal salvation, His literal resurrection, Him literally shedding His blood for the church. I'd like to encourage you to look into who Dr. King's intellectual heroes were as he grew older, since they might help shed some light on the subject of his later beliefs. So far as I've read the Martin Luther King who history has left to us was a Baptist minister who didn't believe in Jesus.

Mmhmm, the beauty of nature. Many atheistic naturalists who reject God and who dismiss Jesus as merely human could write just as Dr. King wrote. The survivors of that terrible plane crash in the Andes later wrote about God “on the mountain” because seeing this incredible (incredibly hostile) location left everyone awestruck. Maybe they seen His hand in creation, I certainly do.

Dr. King wasn't so much interested in God and the Bible but rather he was interested in social reform, and he appeared to see Christians and the use of our vocabulary as a means to achieve this social reform. While working with the church Dr. King wrote “I would certainly welcome the day to come when there will be a nationalization of industry. Let us continue to hope, work, and pray that in the future we will live to see a warless world, a better distribution of wealth, and a brotherhood that transcends race or color. This is the gospel that I will preach to the world.” The gospel Dr. King preached was an idealised socialism.

When I read those quotes and ideas written by Dr. King I say okay, that's “another Jesus,” and that's “another gospel,” and if people bring those things to the Christian community they're condemned as false teachers and ministers of Satan transformed so as to have an appearance of godliness (Gal 1:8, 2 Cor 11:4-15). If a man claiming to be a minister “of the gospel” brings these things they're in a position to mislead the Christian community.

I welcome anything in the thousands of sermons you have informed me of which go to teach a faithful Christian perspective about Jesus. If they're out there I'd love to read a quotation. God bless and thank you for the hope we both share that Dr. King changed, not a hope through which we give to King beliefs he didn't hold, but rather a hope which says Christ is the Saviour of all men, especially those who believe (1 Tim 4:10), and only the believing ones have that life which is in Him.

― Tyrone Cormack