Do you know the Mushroom man?


mushrooman1987: So your a good person because your imaginary friend loves you??? And not because you do good things???


breadsticks_w: u can do good things and still be a VERY bad person so...

mushrooman1987: soooooo I can be a douche and god will make me good because I love them? But if I help others and make the world a better place without loving a mystical finger in the sky I'm a bad person?

breadsticks_w: boi ur not getting the point

mushrooman1987: so what's the point then?

breadsticks_w: u can do all of the good deeds u want to do but still do them with wrong motives or still be sinning and stuff (also nobody is saying that ur a bad person) but i think this is more about where the christian love comes from and what we do with it. God’s love is so deep that shakes us to our core when we get saved and experience it first hand. It is His love that overflows in us, thus making us do good things. The Bible says you are saved by grace, not by works. U can be drowning in sin and still have some heart left to do good things. However, that doesnt mean that you are worthy or saved.


Ps- i hope it helps im kind of just waking up right now. Im a new christian and i was exactly where u were a few months ago...i wanted to prove to myself that i could be soooo good and still remain in my sin and not need God, not saying i couldnt be a good person but u know it was more about rebelling myself not so much about the being good part

mushrooman1987: I dont need a god to do good. And I dont need a devil to do evil. I dont believe in heaven, hell or reincarnation. I believe we are here for a good time not a long time. And all that church money goes to a group of pedos in vatican city. Who is really living without sin?

mushrooman1987: Those who choose to do no evil or those who pay evil men for redemption. God is our hearts not a mystical booked in some cathedral. You know what is right. As the protestants believe "no man most go to another man to speak with god.

andidiazh_: you realize not all Christians are catholic right? Also, some churches do use tithing money to feed the poor and have social programs...point is anybody can do good deeds (Christian or not Christian) that doesn't exclude people from being sinners. Everybody sins. Whoever denies this is being a liar (therefore a sinner 🤭)

mushrooman1987: I dont fear your imaginary friend. Call me a sinner. You dont know me.

andidiazh_: I don't know you but I know myself, and I at least admit I am a sinner. And that wasn't even the point of what I wrote. The point is that not all Christians go to a catholic church and not all churches use their money badly, and If that is the excuse to not believe in God then it is a bad one (also a cliché excuse). The good news is that Jesus did die to redeem sinners... So... If you at

andidiazh_: If you at least admit you are a sinner then, eventually you can realise that you need a Savior. And just FYI, Jesus was a Real person. Not made up. You should look that up.

mushrooman1987: I have theres no historical record of his birth. The only data on jesus comes from religious scriptures. Yall need a savior cause deep down inside you know you cant do right without the treat of hell from your imaginary enemy. And sin, the things yall call sin are nothing more than freedom. I dont care that people are gay or use drugs or prostitute. That's their lives and their bodies. And no one has the right or justification to judge them for such. Sinners, ha! Free people. Free from the judgment of the religious institutions.


I mean I know yall judge. But it dont bother those outside those doors. God is everywhere right? Then you dont need to lay someone else for salvation. Hell none of us even need salvation. Theres more spirituality in one psychedelic plant than there is in all the religious institutes combined. These people preach and preach and preach that you must repent or got to hell. "Dont ask why the decon has a huge house, dont ask why the decon has a luxury car, all you need to ask is how much money do I have to give to the lord!"


Yea pay for that salvation. Buy your ticket to heaven. While you step over the poor and needy. Preacher preaches god is everywhere. So why go to church? Gods everywhere and in the hearts of everyone. Calling people sinners isnt gonna get them to pay your pope more money for statues and silver crosses. It means nothing to those that have a true relationship with god. Your churches dont dictate someone's sin or lack there of.

andidiazh_: Again, not all people go to catholic church. Not all pastors/preachers live glamurous lives (just go to There is evidence for Jesus. Look it up. You just sound like a resented fella with the church and all you talk about is money, money, money. If God doesn't exist and sin doesn't exist either why are you condemning churches while saying churches condemn people.


Your arguments is self-refuting. Don't judge me but I can judge pastors and other Christians? That's how you sound. You seem very misinformed. So this is where I part from this conversation. I will just say that Jesus is a historical figure and you should investigate more and not repeat false information from who knows what sources. Jesus loves you and may God bless you🤭 stop being so hateful. RELAX.

mushrooman1987: you guys keep calling me a sinner for not being one of you. How is that me being hateful. As for judging I dont mind being judged by my actions. You guys are judging me for having different beliefs than you. It's a fact there are mega churches. It's a fact that there are pedophile priests. It's a fact that people have been raped, tortured and murdered over organized religion. I dont need to step foot in any temple for any god. That's for people that dont know right from wrong.

mushrooman1987: when jesus christ came upon the earth you killed him. The son of your own god. And only after you killed him did you worship him and kill those who don't.

cormackytyrone @andidiazh_: really good showing and thoughtful replies. 👍🏻 God bless you.

mushrooman1987: oh please you people are so full of yourselves. Your god worship dont make you a good person. Some of the worst people I know are christian. Always judging everyone that's not. Getting mad when people point out christian holidays fall on the same days as pagan holidays. Like april 1st new years, December 25th winter solstice or esthar. It was made like that so the creators of christianity and Catholicism could live off the labor of the pagans. Get them in the churches and out the woods.


Hey can you tell me what the rabbit has to do with jesus? Why is it used for easter? Well I know why the pagans celebrated rabbits during there april festivities. Because easter or eshtar is a pagan baby making holiday. And the rabbit is the king of reproduction. But what's it got to do with jesus? Nothing because it was all set up to rip people off. Your god is a shame. And jesus was sacrificed on the cross to Lucifer. Yall worship a human sacrifice. Maybe that's why you all need a savior.

cormackytyrone: "mad and judgmental"? You don't feel you're any of those things? Honest question my friend. God bless you and give peace throughout the day with whatever you’re wrestling over.

andidiazh_: hate hate hate

mushrooman1987: I'm wrestling over the baratment I just got from this pack of Christian's trying to convert me.

cormackytyrone: well in our case you wrote to me. I didn’t write to you. You wrote a long list of grievances you have with the Christian Faith. Were you trying to convert me to some non Christian view?


Do other views and the prospect of a conversion attempt upset you? Also you ignored my first question, do you believe you can be judgemental and mad?

mushrooman1987: I judge when judgment is casted upon me. I wrote that long list of grievances because of all the talk about jesus being real. Yea he was real and his fathers followers killed him. The son of their own god. Only after then did you worship him and kill anyone who doesn't. People following the same families that done that. The same religious hierarchy. That carried out the crusades. That took your money and abused peoples children. And I'm the sinner? I need a savior?


Going to church and confessing your wrong doings every week to the gatekeeper of your imagination land doesn't make you a good person. Good deeds, kind actions, direct actions of charity making the world a better place despite what the ruling classes tell you. That makes you a good person. Being a good person is a harder road to walk than preaching the teachings of pagan conversion.


Telling people you dont know they are "sinners" because they didnt get duped into paying "holy men" for a ticket to god. Go eat 4.5 grams amanita muscaria red caps and judge yourselves for a few hours. Instead of casting your fire and brimstone on anyone that speaks facts over fiction.

cormackytyrone: So you’re judgemental and angry? But that’s okay because people judged you first?

mushrooman1987: so it's ok for you guys to judge but no one else?

cormackytyrone: Speaking for myself I’ve not been judgemental towards you in the least. After sharing a large message of unsolicited opinions and unjustified guesswork about people isn’t it fair to say anger and judgementalness are things you need to get a handle on before setting the world right?

mushrooman1987: I still dont agree with this post. Loving your imaginary friend dont make you a good person. Its makes you a crazy person. And there was no guess work there. Christianity and Catholicism are nothing more than pagan sun worship. The only difference is you dont have to pay the pope and high priests who live in luxury to be a pagan.


I just dont k w what to tell you. Dont throw stones if you live in a glass house. If yall feel like you need a savior, because you are sinners. Well maybe your just not good people to begin with.

cormackytyrone: nobody is asking if you agree with the post though. That’s your own hang up that you have going on. See you spent the bulk of your chat complaining about people judging you, then when I write to encourage @andidiazh_ you attack me and all Christians! :) You aren’t simply judging viewpoints my friend, you’re judging people. That makes you a judgemental person, then you complain about people living in glass houses to justify your bad behaviour.


mushrooman1987: yes encourage your brothers and sisters in mock cannibalism and blood drinking. And condemn the heathens. The heretics. You encourage her for putting me down. Then condemn me when I snap back. How very christian of you. The attacks wont stop. Your people erased my native heritage. Forced bibles and crosses on my ancestors then defiled our land. All

mushrooman1987: always acting like your gods chosen ones. BURN THE PRIESTS....

cormackytyrone: I encouraged @andidiazh_ for their "thoughtful replies." You can reread my messages rather than invent things. Although it’s always easier to argue against invented things rather than real ones. I can’t write authoritatively for anyone but myself, friend. But so far as I’m concerned the "chosen one" isn’t me but Jesus Christ.


Jesus is chosen and believers are saved “in Christ.” In Christ is a well known biblical term. Still, burn the priest, that’s your reply. Inventing things and “burn the priest.” I’m not attacking you, I’ve been very measured in my replies. Can you say you’re proud of how you’ve represented yourself?

mushrooman1987: yes. For I dont go around muttering for forgiveness from a mythical finger in the sky. Them priests are taxing you to get to god. But hey that's none of my business now is it.

cormackytyrone: It’s your business my friend because that idea came from your head. It’s the definition of your business. Christians are saved and "get to god" by grace. It’s by grace so no man can boast. That’s from Ephesians 2:8-9.

mushrooman1987: your religion doesn't make you a good person. You can throw all the bible quotes you want at me.

cormackytyrone: I’m only pointing out the thing you wrote is false. You’re mistaken and can either own that and stop writing untruths, or ignore that and continue deluding yourself and mocking others.

mushrooman1987: what isnt true.

cormackytyrone: "them priests are taxing you to get to god." You wrote that and that’s an untruth. Money doesn’t get anyone to God.

mushrooman1987: so why do you pay to go to church?

cormackytyrone: Me personally? I might give money as a donation. The church runs on charity in either people’s money or their time. My church restores fences and houses, feeds the homeless and provides care to the elderly. Food ain’t free, for example.

mushrooman1987: and pay the pope right?

cormackytyrone: I never wrote that. You’ve been corrected on that before too. That’s “your business” again, stuff coming out of your imagination.

mushrooman1987: it's a fact that churches pay the pope. Not my imagination. Speaking of imagination. Hows imagination land treating you? Eat the imaginary flesh, drink the imaginary blood, wine ticket to imagination land! Because mock cannibalism is normal and godly. Right.....

cormackytyrone: 🥱 yh yh u hate catholics, nobody asked and nobody cares that Pope Perry haunts your dreams. Rather than changing the subject and doing another hit and run you need to own your error. You wrote an ugly, nasty untruth about Christians paying money "to get to god." Baptists, Methodists, messianic Jews, nobody is taxed by a priest in order to get to God. Not even your beloved Catholic Church taxes anybody for the purpose of getting to God. Are you prepared to retract and renounce that nasty dirty lie that came out of your mind?

mushrooman1987: every sunday they demand tribute. How is that not being taxed to have a relationship with god? No one needs to go to church or mosque or synagogue to have a relationship with god. And the history! Ouf! The church had to commit genocide to get the world to recognize jesus christ. The crusades, the conversion of indigenous tribes thru torture and murder! But they're the holy gate keepers. The salem witch trials, "a woman that knows math. You know what that means people. Shes a witch burn her!"


Yea really god like. If heaven is full of people like that than I'll just chill in hell with satan. The opposer of god. God the destroyer of everyone that wont except their love. You are all with sin and no church is gonna save you from it. For your churches are reminders of it to so many people. Just admit it people have committed atrocities on the name of jesus christ. No one cares he loves you because we see your actions. We've seen the actions of the church and the protection of sexual predators.


Your a sick disgusting little bunch of hell spawn. Your day of reckoning is coming. I'd rather burn in hell than spend an eternity with all the catholics and Christians that have passed on. A bunch liars, child touchers and murders. I might as well spend an eternity in prison, be around the same kind of people.

cormackytyrone: 🥱 yh yh the crusades, witch trials, slavery, gays in the church, he said she said. 1 Timothy 2:5 points out Jesus is a Christians only mediator, not any church. Once again, because you’re bouncing around the comments like a pogo stick, are you prepared, are you man enough to admit you made an error and wrote an ugly untruth? Do you stand by your untruth and hold onto it, making yourself into a liar.

mushrooman1987: you mean like your imaginary friend jesus christ. Or should I say Diego son of the third pope.

cormackytyrone: See my friend you dislike liars. You rightly condemn liars, but here you are standing by a lie you wrote. Scripture does say "all liars" will have a part in the lake of fire, you condemn liars with a fire 🔥 from your touch pad 😂 Still you’re making yourself into a liar by refusing to own your behaviour. Will you keep defending your lie by trying to deflect and change the topic?

mushrooman1987: so why the pope got so much money? He dont work. He sells a pack of lies to the confused and desperate. A fairy tail of eternal bliss or damnation. Come to church and eat the imaginary flesh of jesus, drink his imaginary blood, win a ticket to imagination land! Cool story bro, needs more dragons and stuff.


I love how you can see the wrong in everyone but your beloved church. And as long as churches ask for money from their practitioners they are charging you money to be one with God. So if all the churches burned to the ground and all the priests died right now,

mushrooman1987: If all the churches burned to the ground and all the priests died right now, where would you go to be with jesus, to embrace his love? Cause if you need a church now to connect with god you will never be able to have a true connection. Your third party access to the lord is laughable. Doesn't your holymen teach you we are all children of god and have godliness within us? Of course not because then their money train would co.e to a halt. Crazy right? Facts they beat your imagination everytime.

mushrooman1987: I dont need to preach over and over again that the church demands tribute. It does end of story.

cormackytyrone: Come on Pinocchio, 🤥 you’re so frightened that Pope Geppetto is coming to get you but you’re a known liar yourself 🤣 Why don’t you do something amazing today and confess you’re a liar and be better than the Popes you hate so much.

As I’ve written once before, and am happy to write again, Jesus said He’s with Christians “always, even until the end of the age.” If every church closed their doors Jesus would still be with His people. Don’t forget to delete my messages and hide the truth, Pinocchio. 🤥🤣

mushrooman1987: so then why go to church if jesus is with you always? And pay the "holymen"?

cormackytyrone: Why go to church? To help others. To help yourself. Food for the poor. Friendship. Fellowship. Worship. Truth. You delete and destroy the truth, Christians share and rejoice in the truth. It’s better than writing lies on the web, then covering up those lies. You’re scared, 🤥

mushrooman1987: I didnt delete anything this isnt even my post. So who the hell is lying now?


mushrooman1987: foodbanks aren't all at churches your just in imagination land. You can do all that stuff without a church. People are doing it all around you.


cormackytyrone: “Who the hell is lying NOW”? So you admit you were lying before 😂 I didn’t write food banks and charity was only in a church. You asked a question about why I go to church and I’ve answered. Easy. Helping, worship, truth, things that are there for everyone to enjoy.


mushrooman1987: you say truth then you know about all the weird things in the bible? Nevermind to each their own. If "your" church is helping people that's great. But just cause you love a mythical figure dont make you good. You guys are doing good. And that's good. But these mega churches and the Vatican city and all that not worth the money in my opinion. My comment in the first place was your religion dont make you a good person your actions do. Something like that.


cormackytyrone: Exactly, I know about the Bible and you don’t. You write things and there’s an obvious verse that answers your complaint. So stop pretending to know anything about Catholics and Christians and salvation and Jesus and pagan religions. You don’t. Work on yourself and stop lying and trying to find issues with everyone just because some Popes are jerks or some priests are dirty old men.


Your first post was as confused and as silly as all of your other posts. If you want to know something just know that you’re a liar, the Popes are liars, but only some of you are prepared to admit it. If you’re not ready to be a man and admit you’re a liar then you’re wasting everyone’s time.

― Tyrone Cormack